Brian Giniewski Ceramics – Rainbow Drip Vessels

Ceramic artist Brian Giniewski produces delightful earthenware vessels that appear to be oozing thick, colorful drips that are frozen in time. The Philadelphia-based ceramicist achieves the texture of the vases and bowls by applying a gritty, matte slip to each piece which contrasts nicely with a special glossy glaze made to melt into drips during the firing process.


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New Museo degli innocenti – Florence, Italy

Previously a small picture gallery called MUDI, the Ospedale degli Innocenti’s museum reopened June 23, 2016, after an 8-year-long restoration and expansion costing €12,8M.

The new Innocenti Museum spans over 5000 square meters on four floors, with 80 works of art, 140 “marks” left on abandoned babies, multimedia storytelling of lives past, and a new rooftop café with a great view over the city.


Giant knitting blanket kit

This Kit has everything you need to Knit your own super chunky blanket in the colour of your choice.

A brilliant fun gift for a knitter or an experience for yourself, this Kit will have you loving extreme knitting and you’ll be cosy underneath your huge knitted blanket in no time.

It includes

  • 1x Giant Knitting Needles
  • 1x Wool (as many kg and colour of your choice)
  • 1x instructions on how to knit and process your blanket
  • 1x Sewing needle and thread


DIY Carousel Paper Toy – 3D Model Paper Figure

To cut, fold, glue and spin.

Each kit contains 10 pages of High Quality 100% recycled paper, with 1 carousel, 6 characters and 6 extras to assemble. All you need is scissors, craft knife and glue.

Assembled size: 15 x 15 x 20 cm LxWxH

This paper toys are printed on 100% recycled paper that’s easy to cut and solid for the task. They are all packed in crystal plastic and heat sealed. Of course are assembly instructions included.